The first day of the Centennial Celebration on August 22, 2009 began with "Open House", highlighted by the video presentation on the 100 years of HROC history. The presentation was so well attended that we had to show it twice. During the brake and before Vespers our guests browsed through the Art Show in the parish hall while listening to live music. The whole day multiple showers were rolling in, and finally, during Vespers there was such a downpour that tents collapsed from the onslaught of wind and the weight of water. But even the ferocity of the storm did not disturb the wonderful and peaceful service with His Grace Bishop Nikon. The day ended with a potluck meal and fellowship.

Saturday Slideshow

The second day of the Centennial Celebration began with the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. We met His Grace Bishop Nikon in the narthex of the church with a traditional  offering of bread and salt. The church was filled with HROC extended family, friends and guests. During the majestic service Reader Alexis Rastorguyeff was ordained to the Subdiaconate and Nicholas Dellermann was ordained to the Holy Diaconate. Seven priests and three deacons concelebrated with the bishop. At the end of the service the dedication of many parishioners was acknowledged by special awards (gramotas) given by Bishop Nikon, and lots of former parishioners received letters of appreciation (love notes) from the community. Everyone was given a gift bag containing some "spiritual food" (the commemorative prayer book) and some physical nourishment (a cookie imprinted with an image of our church) and an apple from a near by orchard. The food served at a festal Luncheon was superb and thoroughly enjoyed by everybody. After the meal two slide presentations on the history and people of the parish were given in the church. For some people if was a discovery of the unique life of an Orthodox parish in the remote corner of New England, and for the others it was an emotional walk down the memory lane.

Sunday Slideshow

Photos by Brett Nolte and Dan Powell.

Music recording of HROC choir.